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Time management is imperative for college students

by Arion Hall

Many ask what it is like to be a college student and why time management is important. Time management is the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively. A college student takes an average of five classes per semester. Five classes may not seem like a lot.  However, with work and daily life obligations, school can be challenging.

Many college students have not had to manage their time prior to college. In high school, most students have not been challenged until they have reached a collegiate level of education. Once arriving at college everything becomes a shock to new college students. Over time, students will eventually be able to adjust. Some students may take longer to start than others.

In college, there is so much that goes on. Some students have different tasks than others. Some students are able to learn and focus. Some students are just doing everything they can do to pass. Students who manage their time better are more likely to have a successful college career. Time management takes a lot of weight off a student’s shoulders. Time management allows students to be able to breathe. There is nothing more overwhelming than just having things out of order.

It is imperative for students to have great time management skills in college. Time management will ensure success for students. The best way to maximize full-time management skills is to have a planner or daily reminder of what to do throughout the week. Time management comes with a small side of sacrifices that will eventually pay off in the end.