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Renaissance World Tour sells out stadiums

This past month Beyoncé released the dates for her highly anticipated “Renaissance” world tour months after the release of her ninth studio album under the same title.

Beyoncé , 2016 Super Bowl Performance . Courtesy of Vaizdas

This will be the Grammy award-winning artist’s first solo tour in 7 years. Beyoncé released this information by simply posting an image to her Instagram with the caption “Renaissance World Tour 2023.”

While many fans are excited about what is to come from the performer, there are some discrepancies in the ticketing process. Late last year, Ticketmaster was under fire for their platform not being able to handle the influx of users trying to buy tickets for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour. Along with this, resellers and bots received tickets before actual fans of the artist and resold them for extremely high prices.

The company responded to this worry with a new “verified fan” registration that will, in theory, make the ticketing process much easier by verifying the users who want to purchase tickets. Those purchasing tickets must sign up under one of the three categories based on the tour date and location.

The downside to this is a raffle-style drawing that will randomly pick the fans, not guaranteeing a spot in the presale. Presales were available from February 5th to February 19th. So far, 31 of the 53 shows are sold-out. The tour will kick-off on May 10th in Stockholm, Sweden.