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Douglass Day celebration on campus

Norfolk State’s History department hosted a Douglass Day Celebration in honor of Frederick Douglass’ birthday.

Frederick Douglass, social reformer, journalist, and abolitionist who consistently advocated for the freedom and reconstruction of the Black community.

Douglass began fighting at a young age when he escaped to freedom from slavery in his early twenties and continued to make marks in history.

The event was held on the first floor of Brown Memorial Hall and led by Dr. Stephanie Richmond, Associate Professor of History.

Using a program called Zooniverse, students were able to transcribe letters from Douglass’s family to allow more clarity and accuracy for future research.

The event also included a viewing of a video from Douglass’s family discussing Black history as well as reminiscing on Douglass and his accomplishments during his lifetime.

The event ended off with participants eating a birthday cake in honor of Frederick Douglass’s birthday.