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Rihanna predictions…What will this musical comeback entail?

Courtesy of Instagram (@badgalriri)

Superstar, singer, and CEO, Rihanna, will be performing tonight during the Super Bowl’s halftime show. The star has not released any new music or performed since her album Anti in 2016. Three months ago, her single “Lift Me Up” was included in the soundtrack for the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. 

Surprisingly her fans did not receive this single with open arms. The song has received a lot of negative feedback. Twitter fans called the song a “snoozefest.” The RihannaNavy, the star’s fan base, have also expressed their impatience regarding an album release date after being teased for years now. 

Despite these mixed emotions and frustrations, millions of fans worldwide will be tuning in to experience Rihanna during the halftime show. Fans are filled with high hopes for an upcoming album release date (fingers crossed).

What Songs Will Rihanna Perform?

The artist recently discussed her performance in an interview, calling the 13 minute set a “celebration of [her] catalog in the best way that [she] could have put it  together”  The multi-talented artist has numerous hit songs like, “Umbrella”, “Better Have My Money”, and “Desperado”,which would all be amazing to witness live. Taking an educated guess, I feel as if she will use this national television experience to reveal new music that’s included in her new album that’s yet to be named. Hearing new music by Rihanna would fill a hole in all of her fans’ hearts, including me. I am extremely hopeful for an album release shortly after the performance.

Who Will Rihanna Perform With?

Rihanna has previously worked with Jay-Z on “Umbrella” and Calvin Harris who produced “We Found Love”. There’s also a big possibility she may perform a Caribbean-medley with Sean Paul that resonates with her hometown music. Her songs like “Work” and “Man Down” are her most famous songs to date that carry the reggae-infused beat and lyrics.

What Will Rihanna Wear?

I think we all know this one. Say it with me. One…two…three! Fenty!! Her multi-billionaire clothing brand has surpassed millions of sales all around the world creating Rihanna to be titled the youngest black female to become a billionaire. The Super Bowl LVII is a great platform to promote her brand which makes me believe she might also wear a fan-loving outfit that can be later found on her website for company sales to go up. She’s a brilliant marketing strategist, promoter, and artist.

Who Will Actually Be Watching the Game?

I feel as if anyone who enjoys the annual Super Bowl and Rihanna will definitely be in for a treat while watching everything live on national television. Non-football watchers will obviously tune their channels to watch Rihanna sing (I have been known to do this myself). It’s no secret that Rihanna is an amazing performer who gives it her all every time she gets on a stage. After her brand new debut, the RihannaNavy will become stronger than before if she consistently keeps dropping merch and music.