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LightSkinKeisha and Toosii light up Echols Gym for SpartaFest Concert

NORFOLK, VA — Lightskinkeisha and Toosii came out on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, for Norfolk State’s “Something in Sparta” concert. Although many students resold their tickets leading up to the event because of their disappointment with the concert lineup, the overall feedback from students was that it was still a great experience.

Lightskinkeisha closely engaged with fans before hitting the stage. She came out of her dressing room to greet the individuals backstage and even danced with them. Keisha spoke about her most popular song, “Believe Dat.” She expressed how she wants the music to make people feel free and have a good time. 

Keisha also discussed how she would love to collaborate with Post Malone, Bruno Mars or Cardi B. She explains that Cardi B is one of her inspirations because they both share many similarities in the way they began their careers.

She came on stage and instantly began interacting with the crowd. Fan interactions were incorporated a lot into her show. Many individuals from Norfolk State’s student government got a chance to dance on stage with her including newly-elected sophomore class president Zay’Kori Jones.

Keisha ended her show by giving a speech about how she commends all the students of NSU for their bravery and courage to step out and get an education. She expressed how she wished she had that same courage and bravery to do it herself, closing with, “Not to mention we are all black and beautiful up in here.”

Toosii did a meet and greet with students backstage before stepping out on stage. As he started his set, the crowd screamed at the top of their lungs with excitement. During his show, he engaged with the crowd while his security followed closely behind. He made his way into the stands and continued performing while surrounded by his fans, making his rounds within every section. Girls in the crowd screamed for joy when Toosii began taking their phones and recording himself.

After performing his 2020 chart-topping song, “Love Cycle,” and recording himself on a few more phones, Toosii ended the show by saying, “I promise I will be back tomorrow afternoon, walking around campus.” After the show, students could hear the sound of revved engines and tires screeching as Toosii left the campus in a hurry.