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Freshman designer on fashion today, tomorrow and yesterday

NORFOLK, VA — Norfolk State University fashion design major Akin White created his own fashion designs through several fashion trends.   

White, a freshman known as “Uno,” was inspired by the late 60s and early 70s semi-formal and early 2000s streetwear fashions. 

White believed that fashion movements have a time and purpose. 

He added, “If it comes back, cool. If it doesn’t, society will find the next big thing.” 

Even though White believes each trend has its time and purpose, he still pays close attention to each one. 

“Even with the title of fashion designer under my belt, I am still an HBCU student, and every day is like a fashion show.”  

As the fashion world evolves, trends fade in and out. Norfolk State students inspired White to create trendy clothing that caters to what’s new. 

He believed his outfits were “tangible resumes for people to get a taste of style and creative vision and that an essential part of being a fashion designer is paying attention to trends.” 

White was influenced by the late designer and entrepreneur Virgil Abloh. White discussed how Abloh rose to stardom in the same era and wished he could speak to the designer before his passing.  

“He passed away too soon but his legacy is a big part of the reason I chose to become a designer in the first place,” White said.

White’s clothing line, “Long Live Uno,” displays his unique style. Visit or on Instagram @longliveuno, to see his clothing line.