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Interim Head Football Coach B.T. Sherman takes the helm

by Kingsley Hunter

The new interim head coach of the Norfolk State football team B.T. Sherman is now at the helm after long-time friend Latrell Scott resigned from the head coaching position this past March. Sherman has been the assistant and running backs coach at Norfolk State for the past four seasons and the university is actively looking for an official head coach. Sherman shares his aspirations for his football team and discusses what got him into coaching. Also, a player on the team conveys his support for the interim coach.

Sherman discusses his timeline with the game of football and why he has a strong passion for the game. He also shares how his passion for coaching came about.

“I didn’t start playing [football] until I was about twelve. And it happened to be the easiest for me but then I got into coaching football because of the coaches I had along the way and I saw how important they were to me. I want to do the same thing to somebody else like my old coaches did for me,” Sherman said.

Coach Sherman is a guy who wants to give back and make an impact on as many of his players as he can. Sherman throughout his life has put trust and confidence into his coaches throughout his playing days and wants to be a coach that his players can appreciate. Sherman shares his journey into becoming a coach at the collegiate level.

“I got my first coaching job right out of college, I started off as an assistant at my old high school. I finished up playing and I went back and had an old coach ask to me to help out and here I am twenty years later,” Sherman stated.

Coach Sherman has been in the coaching game for the better part of twenty years, which eight of those years were on the collegiate level. Prior to joining Norfolk State, he had a three-year stint as the assistant head coach at Howard University and a five-year stint at Morgan State as the wide receivers coach. Along the way, he has created strong bonds over the years, specifically with former head coach Latrell Scott.

“Me and coach Scott who was here previously we had been friends forever and he had been trying to hire me at different places and then we finally got to a point where Norfolk State would be a good fit for both of us,” Sherman said.

As mentioned, prior, Sherman took over the head coaching duties back in March after Latrell Scott served at the position since December of 2014. Sherman elaborated more on his influence from his close friend and what he learned from working with him.

“I learned a lot. There’s not one thing I can just point my finger at. The thing with coach Scott is he ran a good program here and I am just trying to feed off him and move this program forward,” Sherman stated.

After being named the head coach for just over a month, Coach Sherman shares the differences he faces between being a head coach and an assistant coach and how he has approached his new role with a strong mindset.

“There are differences. Things are still new to where before I oversaw the offense and now, I must be concerned with not only just the offense but the entire team and coaching staff. That’s the major difference. What made it easier is that I knew everybody at some point. But it has been working smooth so far,” said Sherman.

Sherman is determined to have a successful team going forward, and he plans to instill important values onto his team. Sherman conveyed those values and what he plans to do as the head man of the program.

“The first thing is to make sure we are doing things right on and off the field. Making sure we are doing the best we can as individuals. The second thing is making sure that we are working together. The players working with the coaches diligently and vice versa. And the last thing is to make sure we have fun doing those things. Working hard and enjoying football at the same time. A lot of time goes into football and if you are not enjoying it, then it isn’t worth it. I am going to make sure I create an atmosphere where we are working hard and enjoying it together,” Sherman said.

Coach Sherman shared his goals and aspirations for his football team next season with one word.

“Championship,” Williams said emphatically.

Sherman has had positive intentions for his football team during his tenure thus far. As Norfolk State continues to search for an official head coach, players have been voicing their advocation for Sherman and why he is perfect for the head coaching role. Junior Punter Ryan Richter sounded off on his support for Sherman.

“Coach Sherman has been coaching there since I got there as well as all the other assistant coaches. We as a team have created a bond with each of them on and off the field! They all are more than coaches to us and especially coach Sherman as being a mentor to us. The team and I want Coach Sherman as head coach and not anyone else,” Richter stated.