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A pandemic story: Grow where you’re planted

by Arion Hall 

The Coronavirus has affected the world in many ways. Regardless of age and ethnicity, we all have felt the effects of the Coronavirus. For me, this was challenging. Being a full-time student and working during this pandemic was not easy.

When the pandemic first started, things in the world took a major turn. The first thing that began to change for me was my education. School was never my friend. I have always had it tough when it came to school. When classes went virtual, that was a challenge for me. I always did better in person. I became unmotivated in a short amount of time. Things have changed, however, and I have caught a second wind of motivation.

A lot of that had to do with my job.

I was working as a delivery driver for a company during the pandemic. As coronavirus cases began to rise, the company was laying off those who were part-timers or new hires. At the time, I was with the company for less than a year and was potentially going to be laid off.

However, I am a person who is not limited to one area of the business. By being able to work multiple positions and being a great person to others, I saved myself from being laid off during the pandemic by leaving a great impression on the district manager. She transferred me to another location and, within few months, I was promoted to an assistant manager position.

One thing adversity has taught me: when times are good be grateful, and when times are bad be graceful.

Although this pandemic has changed everything, I have gained so much in so little time.