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Ageless Praise ministry brings “church” to a nursing home

by Arion Hall

Norfolk State graduate Geraldine Pittman has found a safe way for her church to be able to minister to senior citizens during the pandemic at Heals Haven nursing home. Geraldine Pittman has been a member at Lighthouse Assemblies of God church for 25 years. She serves as an usher and an advocate for “Ageless Praise.” Ageless Praise is one of the ministries at Lighthouse Assemblies of God Church, which allows members to go to the nearby nursing home, Heals Haven, to fellowship.  

Pittman has been an advocate for the ministry for over 15 years. Her energy always brought life to the patients when she would arrive. Her love for the ministry is strong as she always makes it her responsibility to get well acquainted with everyone.  

When Covid-19 had occurred, the church had closed and has not been open in over a year. This was an exceedingly tough time for Pittman. However, the church began to do a virtual bible study and church servicePittman took a visit down to the nursing home and was able to get the staff involved with what she was trying to do with the ministry.  

Pittman was able to prerecord a 30-minute video that consisted of gospel singing from the choir and scripture readings. After she recorded the video, she would make a disc copy and drop it off at Heals Haven nursing home. Then on Sunday mornings, the staff would show the video on the lobby TV.  

“It is heartwarming to know that I can be a service to others by loving God,said Pittman.  

For more information on Lighthouse Assemblies of God Church and their ministry, follow their Facebook page @Lighthouse Assemblies of God.