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NSU mandate orders all campus residence halls closed on May 1, empty by May 2

by Keona Frasier

NSU’s Housing and Residence Life has ordered students to vacate all campus residential communities by the end of the semester, despite current residents having documented emergency circumstances. Students received a notice that the residence halls will be closing on May 1 and that they should have their belongs removed and be checked out by 3 p.m. on May 2.

According to the release, this mandate comes from the administration and further accommodations can not be given for students at this time. Under normal circumstances, returning students would be able to store their items in their dorm until the next semester for Spartan Suites if their housing deposit is paid and they are enrolled for the fall semester; however, Housing and Residence Life is requiring the full check out procedure, with no exceptions.

Students who reside in the Spartan Suites have been able to reside in their dorms through the summer in the past, but will not have this option for summer 2020. Spartan Suites has also allowed students to return to their exact room, and while Housing and Residence Life says that they will try to accommodate all eligible residents who wish to return to their dorms, there will be no guarantee.

During spring break, all students were notified that they would have to vacate the premises and were given the option to request emergency housing. The students who were allowed to remain had to meet a specific criteria in order to qualify. Among these students, many were facing housing insecurity and financial issues. Many students have voiced concern that their classmates will have to face those same extenuating circumstances due to the emergency housing request being the last resort for some students.

While the residence halls are closed, Facilities Management and Housing and Residence Life will work to sanitize and address maintenance needs of the residential buildings for the incoming and returning fall 2020 students.

For students who may face stressful home environments and housing insecurity, NSU’s Student Government President Lenei Woodson has encouraged those students to contact her via Twitter direct messaging with their information.