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“The Amen Corner” captured audiences just before spring break

by Sarah Campos

Norfolk State University is home to Virginia’s most nationally recognized collegiate theatre program. Also, America’s most nationally recognized HBCU Theatre program in the last five years, NSU has struck again with a stellar program.

From March 5-8, 2020 NSU’s theatre company presented James Baldwin’s The Amen Corner. A three-act play, James Baldwin’s story follows Pastor Margaret Alexander as she deals with religious idealism and the harsh reality of an African-American community that is plagued by poverty and prejudice.

The students that played the characters for this production truly captured the audience and immersed them into the environment they strove to create. Audience members struggled not to join in during the worship scenes that took place and it wasn’t uncommon to hear an “amen” yelled from the crowd. Laughter was heard throughout the acts, showing that the audience was truly amused by the entertainment.

The play was stolen though by student Bianca Gregory who portrayed Sister Moore. Sister Moore was given life better than the imagination itself could create. The audience hung on every word, facial expression, and jokes this amazing actress performed, and it was difficult to keep your eyes off of her when she was onstage.

The Producing Artistic Director, Anthony Stockard, presented an excellent production once again, successfully having G.W.C Brown Memorial Hall Mainstage theatre packed on opening night.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances created by the COVID-19 Virus, In the Heights will not be able to be presented on April 16-19, 2020. However, when school opens up once again, students should definitely stop by the Drama and Theatre program’s next production. Let’s hope that is soon.

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