MEAC / Spartan Men

On the road to the MEAC

Photo of the Norfolk State men’s basketball team courtesy of and used with permission.

by Skyler Sales

As the Spartans of the Norfolk State men’s basketball team get into full gear of their 2020 season, it is no surprise that Norfolk State will be along the many other teams to go to the MEAC tournament.

While we have always been able to get to the MEAC, we have never been able to grasp that title since 2012, when the Spartans went head-to-head with Bethune Cookman University winning 73-70. All that is left to think about in the land of Sparta is how we will get to the MEAC and take home the title of champions.

So far, the Spartans have been putting in work and holding it down with an overall record of 7-2 after their groundbreaking win over the Delaware State Hornets 85-57.

In order for the Spartans to grab their champion title, they need to go into every future game with a plan and be ready to execute it. With the help of coach Robert Jones and the rest of his amazing coaching staff, they will do exactly that.

“The goal of the team is the same as always. Win the MEAC tournament and eventually get back to the NCAA tournament. With having a brand new team, every game we learn more about our team which makes us play better each game,” said Coach Jones.

But a champion title is not earned on just the basis of a great coaching staff. It also takes teamwork and determination from our Spartan men to bring home a title. Senior Jermaine Bishop thinks the team is doing what it needs to in order to guarantee a championship.

Forward guard Keshaun Hicks agrees.

“I think so far in the season we are doing great. I think we need to work on fighting through adversity throughout the game. No matter what the scores say, we need to find a way to rally together and stay to our principles,” HIcks said.

There is no doubt that our Spartan men will be anything less than successful in the rest of their season and will continue to make each and every one of their Spartan family proud.