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Stay safe during L.I.T. Homecoming

by Autumn Basara

The biggest and greatest event at Norfolk State University, homecoming, is almost upon us.  This year, homecoming starts Friday, Oct. 25, and ending Sunday, Nov. 3, with a theme of “It’s L.I.T.” With events such as a carnival; a concert featuring Lil Durk, Q Da Fool, and the Ying Yang Twins; a comedy show; and so much more, this week will not disappoint. Having the homecoming reveal at Spartan Madness, being one of the biggest turnouts in over 12 years with over 3,000 in attendance, students seem ecstatic to participate.

Norfolk State University’s SGA President, Linei Woodson, is confident to say that this will be one of the biggest homecomings at Norfolk State University. Even though it is a fun time, you must remain safe. Remember NSU is an open campus.

Chief of Norfolk State University Police, Vincent Moore, says the NSU Police Department is doing everything possible to ensure the students, alumni, and community members are safe during the week.

“I have a Lieutenant who is coordinating and is a part of the Homecoming Committee,” states Chief Moore, “We are working diligently with them to make sure we have several plans in place.”

With some of the events expecting turnouts of more than 1,000 individuals, safety is the of the upmost importance. Chief Vincent Moore added that Echols, Dick Price Stadium, and the Douglas Wilder Center will have metal detectors added to entrances of the buildings. In addition, hiring of private security companies to Norfolk Police Department Deputies will also contribute to managing safety.  As campus police are doing their best to keep us safe, remember it is a cooperative effort from the police and the community.

Safety also relies on the help of the students. It is important to do things to help stay safe during homecoming. Both SGA President Linei Woodson and Chief Vincent Moore advised people to stay sober.

“Don’t do drugs,” added President Linei Woodson, “Especially since so many people are going to be around. Don’t talk to strangers, basically, I want everyone to use common sense.”

Since some of the events are open to the community, stay vigilant about the surroundings and people.

“If you hear or see something, say something” stated Chief Moore.

You can purchase tickets to events online at or by contacting the Office of Student Activities at 757-823-8200.

Remember to enjoy homecoming, stay safe, and be “L.I.T.”