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Norfolk State urges hurricane precautions for on-campus residents

The term “Shelter-In-Place” is used to refer to situations where it is safest to remain indoors rather than face uncertainty outside. When sheltering, seek safety by placing barriers between you and the danger. This could include walls, rooms without windows, locked doors, furniture, etc.

Action Guidelines


  • Read and follow all official Norfolk State University Storm Alerts.
  • Make sure your emergency contact and storm evacuation information is up to date.
  • Contact your family members to let them know what is happening.
  • Ensure you have adequate prescription medicine(s) on hand.
  • Have snacks, water, juices, etc. on hand.
  • Park your vehicle in Lot 20 (adjacent to Gate 3 on the Corprew Avenue side of the Bowser Building) due to potential flooding on campus.


  • Remain indoors.
  • Do not open exterior doors or windows.
  • Refrain from using alcohol or other impairing substances.
  • Follow directions from University officials.



  • Remain inside until University officials say it’s safe to leave. If you must go outside, be cautious of fallen objects, downed power lines and other hazards.
  • Contact family members by any available means, and advise you are okay.
  • Await further instructions from University officials.
  • Never attempt to walk or drive through moving water, as there is no way of telling its depth, and swift moving water can carry away people or vehicles trying to cross it.
  • Building generators should provide backup electrical power.

Additional information can be obtained from the Campus Police at (757) 823-8102.