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Editorial: Jay-Z’s NFL deal disappoints fan base

FILE – In this July 14, 2019 file photo, singers Jay-Z, left, and Beyonce pose for photographers upon arrival at the “Lion King” European premiere in central London. (Photo by Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP, File)

An editorial by Jared Lambert

It is no question that Jay-Z is one of the top millionaire entrepreneurs and artists in the world. His partnership with the Home of the Brooklyn Nets Barclays Center, selling his own clothing line Roc Nation for two hundred and four million dollars, and now this brand-new NFL deal prove his entrepreneurial skills. Also, he is among the greatest of names to ever enter the music game.

Now though, the respect people had for him is starting to fade because of this new deal with the NFL. It has been trending in social media for a little while now as too why, and what has led him to do this.

It has rubbed people the wrong way after how controversially the NFL has interacted with Colin Kaepernick and months of kneeling and protesting over police brutality and senseless gun shootings. At the time, Jay-Z called Colin an “iconic figure” and encouraged people in his own brand “Roc Nation” to protest. Now Jay is working with the same league that Kaepernick filed a grievance against for team owners colluding among themselves to keep him from playing, which only gave Kaepernick a settlement of less then ten million dollars.

Jay-Z’s new deal with the NFL flies in the face of that, highlighted by people like Eric Reid and Rihanna who have disapproved of the deal. Jay-Z had some words too say toward the backlash stating, “I think we have moved past kneeling.”

There seems to be no regret and no shame from Jay signing this new deal. Hopefully, it works out for the better and the backlash will calm down before the NFL season starts.

Yet, the NFL has been controversial for the past few years sparking the world to talk about the league’s flaws. Jay signing with the same league that banished a man for protesting is a low blow. Yes, Jay’s deal can be an opportunity for other individuals, but this was not the route that needed too be taken. Jay has disappointed and aggravated many people in his fan base.

Jay-Z: you’ve disappointed us.