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Upcoming artists find support with NSU record label

by Tamia Boyd

With numerous talents dispersed over campus, Gerald Thompson worked with Imani Mathews and Johnny Watkins on creating the record label Entertainment Alliance. Entertainment Alliance was founded to support upcoming artists across Norfolk State University’s campus.

The organization became the first ever HBCU record label in 2014. The motivation behind creating the label was to allow students to build and create networking relationships. In addition, the label was created to promote students all while constructing the importance of being a self-disciplined artist.

“It is important that students build their networks in college; so, when they step into the real world, they have connections to look back on” said Makayla Hyman, President of Entertainment Alliance.

Entertainment Alliance is still presently under the advisory of Professor Thompson. Kamaria Patterson helps serve as the vice president for the organization. Moreover, the leadership team consist of Jordan Lee, Tia Thomas, Kaeleb Donaldson and Darrell Simms.

The label appeals to prospective artists by helping students collaborate and creating content appealing to the label’s audience. Collaborating students create exposure for the artist and provides creativity for future projects. Artists throughout the label range from rappers, singers and poets.

“The content produced by the label is impeccably made so listeners can appreciate our work as a form of entertainment,” said Hyman.

The label is currently working on producing as many songs as possible and the funds made will be given to artists as well as donated. Donations will be given to the department of Theater, Mass Communications, Music and Business. The funds will be used as scholarships for students throughout the departments and to students interested in Entertainment Alliance.