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Sports world’s outstanding October

Los Angeles Small Forward LeBron James. Picture from ESPN.

By Amsu Warner

According to StubHub, October is the busiest month of the year for secondary ticket holders. October marks the beginning of the Major League’s Baseball postseason, the start of league years for both the NHL and the NBA seasons and nonstop midseason action in the National Football League.

Major League Soccer and several NCAA sports, including college football, are also active this month. Also, let’s not forget about Norfolk State’s homecoming football game where the Spartans face off against the North Carolina Central Eagles on Oct. 20, at William Dick Price Stadium.

According to StubHub statistics, about 500,000 tickets are sold each and every week for sporting events. This high amount tickets sold translates to just about 70,000 tickets every day, 50 tickets each minute, and one ticket every second of October.

Laid side by side, the large amount of sports tickets sold on StubHub alone could stretch 568 miles long, which is the equivalent to traveling from Cincinnati to New York. This total amount of tickets could also fill the New York Yankee Stadium 41 times.

On ice play starts for the National Hockey League starts on Oct. 3, while on court play for the National Basketball League starts on Oct. 16, 2018. Also, the divisional round of the MLB post-season is underway as well.

With one of the biggest moves last summer being LeBron James leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference, the Los Angeles Lakers rank among the most demand in the NBA for tickets this season.

While for the NHL, the Vegas Golden Knights have the hottest NHL ticket being that the team is relatively new beginning their second season in the NHL.