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Tinder offers app for college students

Tinder App

Photo courtesy of tinder.

By Tamia Boyd

Often viewed as a “hookup” app, Tinder is designed to keep its users in constant contact with each other. The app, which has been around since 2012, recently rolled out a special feature strictly for college students called Tinder U.

Tinder U wants to go a step further to help college students not only improve their social life, but also to find compatible partners. By using the app, students, generally ages 18 to 24, can view other users’ profiles, swipe left or right for to match or pass and message their mutual matches, and still access the apps other features.
Some Norfolk State University students already are weighing in on the app’s new feature.
“I didn’t know anything about the app until just now, but I think the app is helpful for those who are socially awkward and not very outgoing,” said DiaNaztie Bowley, a sophomore Mass Communications major. “However, it could be a very dangerous idea for the simple fact that you have no idea who you are talking to and what their intentions may be.”
In order to sign up, students must be geolocated on their university’s campus to confirm their location. This allows students to communicate with other people on campus or with students in at surrounding colleges and universities. Students must then provide the app their university email address in order to enable their profile.

This allows Tinder U to ensure that its user audience consists only of college students.
As always, it’s smart to follow social media guideline for dating apps. This link provides some helpful advice.