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Norfolk State’s newest leaders on plans for change

By Skyler Sales

SGA (1)

On March 25th, the students of Norfolk State University selected juniors Astra Armstrong and Zipporah Gatling as the new Student Government Association president and vice president. Also, students crowned sophomore, Starlet Windham and junior, Myron Simon, Jr. as the new Mister and Miss NSU.

The newly elected representatives have already started implementing changes for the 2018-2019 school year.

“I wanted to be an ambassador representative for the school because I believed that I was capable [of getting the school more exposure and] to share my love [for] Norfolk State University,” said Windham.

President Armstrong and Vice President Gatling spoke about their plan to decrease the retention rate at Norfolk State. Using their platform “The power to attain, the power to fix, the power to handle,” they intend to attain more scholarships, financial resources and mentorship programs for traditional and non-traditional students.

“As your president and vice president, we are striving to ensure that every student’s voice is heard regardless of whether they are commuter and or non-commuter, by indicating programs that allow every student to stay connected to what is happening,” said Armstrong.

“We do not want them [student body] to look at us as just the president and vice president, we want them to look at us as family,” said Gatling.

The elected officials said they plan to more student engagement and encourage more school spirit.

“I want everyone to feel as proud to be a Spartan as I do,” said Simon. “Unity is what we need in order to persevere, overcome and strive for success.”