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Norfolk State alumni creates fitness brand

By Kori Wiggins

Summertime is quickly approaching, and Spartans are hard at work on treadmills, curl benches and the track to achieve a well-toned physique by June. One Spartan, has made a business out of working out. Kashema Ancrum, a senior exercise science major from Brooklyn, New York, just launched a website, Kashy Fit, created to share fitness routines such as cutting, bulking, maintenance, calisthenics and cardio.

“I’ve always loved fitness and athletics,” said Ancrum. “In middle and high school, I was a member of the track team and marching band, so when transitioning to college, I immediately dedicated my time to the gym at least 3 times a day. I guess you could say fitness became a lifestyle.”

The website stems from, a website owned and operated by Norfolk State alumnus, Andre’ Jones. Jones is Ancrum’s trainer and has helped her develop her brand.

Kashy Fit’s workout plans are designed for all levels of activity from beginners to more advanced athletes. Ancrum said many people are often discouraged from joining gyms because of the perceived level of difficulty. Kashy Fit aims to change that.

“[They gym mentality] comes from the idea of do more, lose more,” Ancrum said. “This does not work all of the time however. A steady work ethic in the gym, and a steady commitment to a diet will provide you with more results.”

“Proper summer diets can vary based on what the person is looking to work on. For example, if someone is looking to tone and/or lose weight, they should follow a low carb diet,” said Ancrum.

This diet will include reducing carbs such as bread, grain, pasta and high fructose fruits and consistently working at least three days a week, Ancrum said.

During the summertime, an emphasis on cutting routines and cardio should be used. For example, doing cutting circuits and sprints on the track. As well as track cardio, squats and deadlifts will help extensively for those that are interested in toning up.

Although Ancrum practices fitness training regularly, she does not want to pursue it as a full-time career. “Fitness consulting will always be something that I do on the side,” said Ancrum.

Ancrum works as a physical therapist during the week, and is as a personal fitness consultant on the weekends. She also hosts “Workout Wednesdays” in the dance studio of the Student Union building weekly at 3 p.m. Space is limited and punctuality is advised. For more information on Kashy Fit and Kashema’s Workout Wednesday’s sessions, follow Kashema Ancrum on Instagram @_kashyy, or visit her website: