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Drake shows “God’s Plan”

28158518_216209932260315_2234695123608797184_nAn op-editorial by Jana Ashlee

Every year, there is always one song that is played throughout the entire year. Once again, Drake is the artist to bring the world that track. His single, “God’s Plan” is the definition of a hit, with playful beats and quotable lines.

Although Drake has been absent from the music scene for nearly a year, he has managed to stay relevant between albums, without over-saturating the industry. Fans have supported the hit maker by keeping “God’s Plan” number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for the past seven weeks.  “God’s Plan” is easily this year’s biggest hit and has become Drake’s most successful solo records, according to Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

Drake used the near $1 million-dollar budget for the “God’s Plan” video to donate to students and families in Miami, providing the ultimate feel-good concept for fans.

With graduations and summer parties approaching, the irresistible catchiness of “God’s Plan” will easily remain high on the charts for many more weeks. Considering it is only March, fans can only imagine what other gems are up Drake’s sleeve this year.