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Places to be for Spring Break ‘18

An op-ed by Kori Wiggins

Establishments of academia in various countries in the world participate in spring break, a vocational period in early spring, sometimes known as Easter break or March break. The arrival of spring break is a time of celebration; a week away from the stressors of classrooms and term assignments, as the world becomes the oyster for college students to indulge in. Large annual spring break festivities take place in various states or countries, often in forms like music festivals, special night club parties and beach activities. With many choices out there, what location would be perfect for that Spring Break trip you planned with your friends?

Miami, Florida is undoubtedly a go-to for the break.  Miami is notorious for renowned food and celebrity-grade clubs, many of which stays open until 4 a.m. Although far from cheap, Miami provides tourist with a beach featuring the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and a safe and clean get away from work. An excellent hotel for Miami go-ers is 1 Hotel South Beach.

Another place in Florida to visit for break is Panama City Beach, host to nearly half a million tourist every break, keeping them entertained with concerts, restaurants, bars with extended happy hours and amusement parks such as WonderWorks, Gulf World and Race City.

Las Vegas, Nevada. According to USA Today, Las Vegas is a lively location with a 3 and a half mile long stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard, packed with more than 20 of the world’s largest casino-resorts and nearly 70,000 hotel rooms. During the break, Vegas pool parties pick up in frequency as tourist make their way down. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is one of the city’s most popular places to stay.

Along with Las Vegas, Los Angeles, California is known as one of the most vibrant of tourist spots with its many qualities such as near-perfect weather, visual arts, parks and very frequent celebrity sightings. A major staple in Los Angeles is their Griffith Park, deemed as the largest city park in the country, according to Discover Los Angeles.