5 ways to stay on a workout

by Barry Campbell

Many people want to start working out and many do. What many people struggle with is sticking to the regimen. It happens that two-thirds of Americans choose working out as their New Year’s resolution. However, 73% of those with the resolution quit or don’t start the regimen. The biggest reasons being they don’t have time, find it difficult to start again, once they fall off, or following the diet. Here’s five ways to stick with a workout regimen.

It’s for me. If you’re doing it for anything or anyone but yourself, you’re more likely to not stick with it. By becoming internally motivated, you push yourself because you want to do better for you. Desiring success for yourself builds a strong foundation to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Pace Yourself. Understand that you are on a gradual slope. Start with simple, attainable goals and steadily increase your workload. Workout videos such as P90x and Insanity often deter people because they can’t finish the workout on day one. Do what you can, and you’ll eventually be able to reach peaks you never thought you could.

It takes time. You won’t notice differences immediately and don’t let this sway you. You’re entering into a patient process and the results you desire won’t come easy or quick. You’ll begin feeling a difference before you see one. Slowly, the process will show and all the time you put in will be rewarded with the body you want. The achievement of knowing how hard you worked for it is something no one can take away.

Life happens. There’s life outside of working out, but it can’t keep you completely off track. Days will be missed and sometimes you feel like you’re done with it. Don’t allow a few missed days to deter you from working out altogether. Think of it as a routine of your life, and you’ll find a way to get back on track.

Enjoy the Process– What’s the point if you’re not liking what you’re doing? Get excited about losing weight, getting stronger, or even just toning yourself. If you lost a few pounds, why not try on some smaller clothes or hang out with friends. As time goes on, the process will bring about a new you.

No matter the body type, people want to be comfortable in their own skin. Working out offers people an opportunity to obtain the body they want. Your physique is a canvas that only you can paint. Why not make it a marvelous masterpiece?