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Norfolk finally gets a fresh coat of paint

An editorial by Kevin D. Wells

Citizens of Norfolk are noticing construction and revisions all around the city.  No matter where you go, there is some form of construction or demolition happening around the block.  There have been several new businesses opening in the last five years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Within those years, Tidewater Drive has had a Sam’s Club open as a neighboring store to Wal-mart. Within that shopping center, there have also been several restaurant openings from Wing Stop, Five Guys, and now an Applebee’s due this summer.

If you’re traveling on Military Highway, you will notice traffic seems to be unusually bad, and that is thanks to the fact that they are tearing part of this highway down to expand it for improved traffic flow soon.

Norfolk is also getting an outlet mall on the outskirts of Northampton Boulevard. This is to replace the now dying Military Circle Mall off Virginia Beach Boulevard.

Further down Military Highway, Kmart is now closing in favor of a Kroger Super Center, which is their version of a Wal-mart in the sense that it will be a large store holding several different departments.  Literally, across the street, a completely new German grocery store is being built.

This is an amazing thing for the city of Norfolk. All this progress means more jobs and more money circulating throughout the city. Moral and optimism levels raise when the people can physically see their city growing and flourishing.

It’s about time that Norfolk gets a fresh coat of paint.