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Computer shoppers: Wait for AMD’s new processors

AMD’s new processor is scheduled to be released in the second quarter of 2017. Photo from

by Kevin D. Wells

If you’re in the market for a computer, you may want to wait few months. The best thing that can ever happen in the business world is competition. It drives down prices and increases expectations for all companies.

Intel is a company that makes processors for almost every computer that you have probably touched. For years, they have gone unrivaled and charged extreme premiums for little improvement year after year. AMD is rolling out their new processors that can do the job of an Intel processor, but at half the price.

What does this mean for the average shopper, student, or business that buys computers? Prices on computers are going to come crashing down within the next year. The laptop you thought about buying for $450 will most likely be around $200 in the coming months. The Intel processors in most computers today have already been discounted $100 since this announcement…and those are relatively new.

When a company’s competition undercuts them more than half, it can be a great thing for consumers and for their wallets. Intel now must show its customers and partners why it’s still worth purchasing or partnering.