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Liberty University students ‘tired’ of being tied to Trump 

LYNCHBURG, Va. (AP) — A group of students at the evangelical Liberty University has publicly disavowed Donald Trump, despite their college president’s endorsement of the Republican nominee.

A group called Liberty United Against Trump released a statement Wednesday rebuking university president Jerry Falwell Jr. for continuing to support Trump in the wake of vulgar comments the candidate made about women in a 2005 video.

The students wrote that they are “tired” of being tied to Trump, who they called “one of the worst presidential candidates in American history.”

In a statement, Falwell applauded the students for voicing their opinion, but called the statement “incoherent and false.”

The Lynchburg school was founded by evangelical pastor Jerry Falwell Sr., whose sermons gave rise to a prominent conservative political movement, the Moral Majority.


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