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New parking decal and fine structure takes effect Aug. 1

Norfolk State University continually strives to improve its services to the campus community. Because parking rates have remained the same since 2011, even as maintenance costs have risen, an increase in parking fines and decal fees was approved by the Board of Visitors at its last session. The goal is to maintain the University’s parking lots and purchase the T2 Parking System. This system will revolutionize our parking processes, by allowing online payments and connectivity to all the University’s current software, thus providing real-time data and accuracy.

To institute the new parking fee process, a new tiered parking fee system will be instituted. This new approach is based on a tiered system for faculty and staff, with the new decal fees going into effect August 1, 2016.

Under this new system, the current 12-month payroll deduction for FY2017 will not support the increased fees. However, it is still possible for those faculty/staff members to take advantage of the 12-month/24-pay-period option. This means that their respective payroll deductions would increase for the remaining six months, beginning July 16, 2016. This would be the first pay that additional deductions can begin to cover the difference between the old and new rates. Employees would have to submit a new payroll deduction form for the new amount to cover July – December.  The formula would be the new decal price, less the amount already paid. This new amount would then be divided by the 12 pay periods left in the year.

Please be reminded that Norfolk State University is a decal-controlled campus. Every vehicle that parks on campus is required to display a valid NSU decal or visitor’s pass. All faculty, staff and students are required to purchase a decal in order to park on campus.

We appreciate your support and cooperation as we continue to provide and maintain our parking facilities.Parking