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IBM helps NSU students prepare to enter the workforce after graduation

IBM Summitby Omar Ross

An IBM Summit Campus Career Preparation Event was held on campus Thursday, April 14, to help current Norfolk State students prepare for entry into the professional workforce. The event was designed to assist with university career preparations and to give first-hand knowledge of the recruitment, interview and selection process within IBM. The event also provided students the chance to have early contact with key connections within IBM.

International Business Machines (IBM) is a corporation that works with many companies, businesses, governments, and clients to solve problems through technology. IBM helps their employees build their careers while working within the company. The corporation has an impact on many of the things people use today, and are innovators always looking for new solutions.

During the event, students had the opportunity to learn about skills they can use to obtain the job they want. There were many breakout sessions where students learned how to research and target the companies they would like to work for, the proper way to prepare for an interview, and also how to write a resume. Students were also prepped on how to use the proper communication skills, mentoring, internships, and the benefits and downfalls of using social media. The information provided to students also showed them how the skills they learned could help them seek employment with the IBM Corporation.

Events such as this give students an opportunity to network and connect with potential employers. This exposure helps to give students insight on how to achieve their career goals after graduation.