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Ten week grades keep students aware

An editorial by Jaquan Anderson

Students at Norfolk State University have just been notified of their 10 week grades. There was also a 5 week grade update. I feel that these updates are extremely helpful to students. Resources such as Blackboard are always available to students. However, a direct update from professors every 5 weeks keeps students prompted and aware. An aware college student is usually a successful college student.

Around the 5 week period, motivated students maintain at least a B minus grade point average. Afterwards, multiple assignments from multiple classes become a hassle. 10 week grades serve as an alert of the few weeks left in the semester and to keep Norfolk State University students on track.

“… I don’t check my grades as frequently as I should,” said Norfolk State junior Malik Gray. “I appreciate 10 week grade updates.”

“10 week grade check…is healthy interaction with my instructor and a checkpoint,” said engineering major Jon Okafor.

“Updates keep me on point,” said Leroy Parker, a junior at Norfolk State.

In my opinion, grade updates every 5 weeks should be a part of the curriculum at every university. As a Spartan, I salute Norfolk State for their continuous effort to keep our student body aware.