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Want a job after graduation? You’ll need experience and we can provide it.

Want a job in the media after graduation?  Want to work in a communication-related field?  If so, you’ll need more than a degree; you’ll need samples of work product you can show a potential employer and related experience listed on your resume…preferably two or more years of it.

That’s where the Spartan Echo comes in.  Any major going into any field can work for the Echo and build a portfolio of their writing, photography, and/or graphic design work.  If you do that over time, you can even list the experience on a resume.

Just come to one of our staff meetings on any Tuesday or Thursday of the academic semester at 12:30 p.m. in room 344 of the Student Center.  Introduce yourself and get involved.

You can even take the work you do for us and tie it back into your major.  PoliSci?  Write us an election story.  Chemistry?  Tell our audience about the dangers of chemical additives in our food and cosmetics.  Business?  Tell students how to get that small business started while they’re still in school.  Pre-Med?  Tell us how to eat healthier and stay fit.

A student in any major can benefit greatly from being a published author.  The topics and needs are endless and as varied and wide as the entire university, so we hope to see you soon and help you contribute.

In addition, if you already have skills in these areas, you possibly can get paid for doing it while still in school.  Apply today for a position with the Spartan Echo as a writing, multimedia or graphic design editor.  If you’re a student at NSU, you’re guaranteed an opportunity to interview for the job, and—let’s face it—opportunities don’t get much better than that.

Applications are available online at  Applications are accepted via e-mail at

Send your application today for an editor position…or just come and join us at our next staff meeting to see how you might get involved with the Echo.  Either way, we look forward to meeting you!