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Beat the Stretch

by Jaquan Anderson

College semesters are months long and it’s easy to get distracted or discouraged. ‘Beat the Stretch’ is a checklist that is meant to keep college students on the right track after a good start and provide college students with mental checkpoints. Keeping ‘Beat the Stretch’ ideas in mind gives students a blueprint of how to finish any college semester strong!

• Stay Humble
Most good college students start off the semester well. The barrier between good and great is the ability to stay humble and true to your starting principles.

• Network
College students that are a part of study groups and check homework with each other are better off than others most times. The concept of “More eyes are better than two” is true, not only in college but in life. Networking can inspire peer motivation. Peer reference is a forgotten concept to some college students.

• Get Z’s
Be aware of your schedule. Prepare for long days and get plenty of rest before challenging tasks. Beating the semester ending semester stretch will require mind, body, and soul. Relate to your body by taking care of it and getting rest for school.

• Understand Concepts
Don’t just do the work. In college, key concepts can be over shadowed by busy work. In the home finishing stretch work gets harder. It’s our job as students to do the work, retain key information, and use it where appropriate. Relate to professors that you’ve now known for months and grasp concepts they try to deliver as best you can.

• Remember Why
– Most people have an inspiration for things they strive to accomplish. Inspirational thoughts are always fresh in an individual’s mind at the start of the task. As students, we must maintain focus and remain inspired to endure the most crucial points of the semester.

• Finish
Don’t be distracted so much that you lose sight of what’s really important. If doing well in school is important to you, consistency and persistence are key. No one makes it all the way to college just to quit. FINISH STRONG!

To conclude, attack school with a strategic mentality. ‘Beat the Stretch’ tips remind students how to be consistent and stay inspired. Other helpful tips can be found on the following sites: