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Editorial: 2014-15 NSUAA Alumna of the Year challenges the “Spartan Community”

Chloe' Jones

Chloe’ Jones, NSU Class of 1973

Dear Spartan Echo Editor,

After two seemingly long years of praying, waiting and hard work, members of the Norfolk State University community breathed a sigh of relief and sent praises to the Most High when Interim President and CEO Eddie N. Moore, Jr. announced that SACSCOC lifted the probation and NSU maintains full accreditation! We salute members of his team who dedicated many hours to make this happen. While it is a major accomplishment and one to celebrate, the challenges are far from over.

Many people have made statements via news and social media about what Norfolk State should do. Well, I have suggestions that are needed and doable for those who are TRULY vested in the future of our university.

1. Accreditation is one thing, credibility is another. Although we haven’t lost credibility, we MUST breathe LIFE into what is being said and demonstrated. Speak up and defend our fine institution when outsiders begin to make negative statements. The bleacher, parking lot, pew and cooler conversations are great platforms to sell the positive aspects of NSU.

2. EVERY SPARTAN, whether you are a student, graduate or supporter, MUST talk with high school seniors who have not made a final decision as to what school they will attend next fall. Share with them how great this HBCU is; convince them that an educational foundation from NSU will take them farther than they would ever imagine; let them know NSU is a force to be reckoned with. A degree from NSU is PRICELESS! We need to have one of the largest freshman classes in Fall 2016. Then keep this recruiting method going yearly. Then, offer assistance or guidance with the application process and search for scholarships.

3. If you are a member of the Norfolk State University Alumni Association (NSUAA), encourage others to join. The more members, the stronger the voice when we need to be heard. Then share your thoughts, ask your questions through your chapter president or Office of Alumni Relations.

4. If you are not a member of NSUAA, WHY NOT? Show your love and pride by joining the association, either by general membership at $25.00 annually or a local chapter in/ near a city where you reside. WE NEED MEMBERS!

5. GIVE! Just think how much more NSU would have for scholarships and other areas if every supporter just in the DMV areas gave $5.00. WOW! No amount is too small (or too big–smile). Your contributions are accepted 24/7, sorely needed and MOST appreciated.

6. Demonstrate your love and pride for NSU publicly during athletic events as we yell ”BEHOLD THE GREEN AND GOLD!” Yet, when the games end and our alma mater is played by our magnificent band, we are hurrying to leave. What message are we sending to outsiders? We must stand and remain still until the song is over. That’s respect and love shown.

Chloe’ E. Jones, 1973, 2014-15 NSUAA Alumna of the Year