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NSU releases mandatory sexual assault training

Participation in the "Not Any More" training program was mandated by Norfolk State University for students, faculty and staff.  (Screen capture from "Not Any More")

Participation in the “Not Any More” training program was mandated by Norfolk State University for students, faculty and staff. (Screen capture from “Not Any More”)

An Editorial by Shareen Nicholson

On Monday, Feb 9, Norfolk State University launched an online interpersonal violence prevention program called “Not Anymore.” This program is designed to provide information about consent, bystander intervention, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. The purpose of this program is to highlight these issues to help students, faculty and staff understand how important they are and what they can do to help make the campus environment safer.

Of course, everyone should be aware of these issues as they are important to everyone’s safety, especially on an open campus. However, should this program be mandatory?

In an email sent to students, they were told that they are required to complete the program no later than Mar 13, 2015. They are required to earn at least an 80% on the program test, and they will be required to keep retaking the post-test until they achieve that score or better.

The training itself is quite lengthy, beginning with a questionnaire, followed by a pre-test, videos and then the post-test. I believe that it will take most people more than an hour or so to complete the whole process.

Students who fail to complete the program will have a hold placed on their registration account until it is completed.

With registration for the summer and fall semesters already here, many students, including myself, find this to be unfair. Registration began Monday, Mar 2, which means that more students will likely rush to register for classes before this hold is placed. Most major classes fill up rather quickly within the first couple of days so I feel that this will result in more classes filling up quicker to avoid having difficulty registering later.

Placing a hold on students’ accounts until they complete this training seems to be a bit much, especially being that the completion date is during spring break.

This training seems to be much more of an inconvenience than anything else, especially at this time. Being imposed on students during mid-semester examinations, registration, and spring break, is wrong. We can’t go to school here if we don’t know this material? Really?

On the other hand, students have been offered an incentive to complete the training by Sunday, Mar 1. Those who complete it by this date will be eligible to win a $100 gift card.  This is the way to do the training; use incentive instead of mandates.