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Pros and cons of going Greek


by Ryan Howard

Greek life can open a lot of networking opportunities, but also can be very time consuming. The Greek organizations are often glamourized for social activities such as parties and step shows. Students often don’t know about the things that happen behind the scenes. The community service meeting expectations from past members and unwanted attention are all things that are a part of Greek life.

“It’s ridiculous how everyone is connected and how much you learn about yourself,” said Willis Dunn of Omega Psi Phi. Networking, self-knowledge and bonds that are formed with the members of the organizations are the pros of going Greek. Organizations bond through things such as hanging out, practicing for step shows and planning events.

However, the cons of going Greek are unwanted attention, high standards from past members and time mangement.

Dequan Moss of Phi Mu Alpha experienced this first hand.

“Being Greek is very time consuming because there is always something to do,” said Moss.

Members of the organizations, expressed that sometimes they want to be left alone, away from all the attention they get on a daily basis, not to mention the pressures they receive from their older members who sometimes feel as though the organization is doing things wrong, or not up to their old standards.

“Dealing with ‘old heads’ can be a handful to deal with cause they don’t understand that times have changed,”said Deontra Bethea of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Before making the decision to join a fraternity or sorority, one should research all of the organizations offered on campus and try to determine what obligations may be required of them. See which one fits your morals and values. Once the decision is made, talk to someone in the organization about joining. However, the decision to join should be kept as a secret for when you probate, to show the world which organization you joined. If one doesn’t find an organization that they like, then it’s okay. Greek life isn’t for everyone.