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NSU student attacked by police dog


London Colvin uses this photo on her Google+ profile.

London Colvin uses this photo on her Google+ profile.

by Shareen Nicholson

Norfolk State University student London Colvin has filed use of force complaints against the Norfolk Police Department after Colvin attended an off-campus party in the 2900 block of Bayne Avenue.

Colvin claims she was attacked by a Norfolk Police dog after refusing to answer questions when the police arrived following an altercation. She claims that she was forced on the ground and pinned by one officer while another released the dog on her.

According to pictures, which began circulating on social media and then brought national attention to this story, she suffered some serious wounds, including two wounds so big that medical personnel were unable to stitch up the wounds.

Norfolk Police Chief Michael Goldsmith released a statement on Wednesday, Jan. 28, stating that “The incident is still an active investigation and we continue to interview all witnesses and officers present in the neighborhood so I can have all the facts to ensure that my officers followed procedures and used resources, including the canine, appropriately.”

He also said that he would be conducting a thorough review of the policy which dictates the use of police canines. Chief Goldsmith also said the officer involved has been put on administrative duty, pending the outcome of the investigation.