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Coronavirus pushes students to online classes and the challenge to pay bills: an inside look at a Norfolk State graduating senior

by Skyler Sales

The coronavirus has spread its plague in many ways, affecting everyone in its path. No matter what age or background, it has in some way affected us all. But, for people like me, it has been a hard struggle. Being not only a college student, but being a graduating senior during this time has tested me on so many levels.

When the epidemic first started to show its face, it was very unexpected on how quickly it would begin to affect me and the people around me. The first effect the virus had on me was my education. At first, it might have been great to take a break from school, but after the news was put out that everything would be transitioning to online, I had to get used to a learning style I had never encountered before.

Considering that my learning style is based on a balance of face to face, this transition was hard to go upon and required a lot of discipline. I have always been relatively good at staying on top of my school work, but since this new change came at such an unexpected time that I have had to put double pressure on myself in order for me to make sure I get my work done.

After slowly adjusting, I was hit with another hardship. Being a graduating senior with also the responsibility of working a part-time job in order to pay my rent became difficult as well. Once my job was shut down due to the virus, it put a lot of stress onto not just me, but my fiancee as well.

With me being out of work, the stress of paying bills has now become a burden for my fiancee. Not knowing whether or not we will be able to pay our bills has been such a distraction from my studies and making sure I am still on track to graduate, even though graduation has been postponed.

Luckily, Norfolk State has made a student emergency fund for students who are in need and qualify for the fund. For more information, check your NSU email to see if you qualify.

I encourage all of us to stay safe; we must take the necessary precautions in order to make a difference and help flatten the curve. Please stay ahead of the virus and keep yourself aware of any updates that might affect you.