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Bloomberg Law launches artificial intelligence case law research

ARLINGTON, Va.Sept. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Bloomberg Law announced today, Sept. 27, the introduction of Points of Law, what they term “a revolutionary new solution” that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to dramatically accelerate case law research.  The new feature allows attorneys to quickly find language critical to a court’s reasoning to support their legal arguments.  Points of Law, as with all enhancements to functionality and content on the integrated Bloomberg Law legal research and business intelligence platform, is available to current customers at no additional cost. To learn more about Points of Law, visit

Their Multichannel News Release is here:

Through the application of machine learning to a comprehensive database of 13 million published and unpublished state and federal court opinions, the Bloomberg Law platform features one million points of law and is updated throughout the day.  The innovative solution highlights the essential language expressed by a court, enabling attorneys to shorten their research time and quickly identify the best language to strengthen legal arguments.

From a case, users can navigate seamlessly among points of law and can also augment their research with related points of law and with relevant citing cases shown as a list or an interactive timeline via the Citation Map feature.  The Citation Map enables legal professionals to view the most cited cases, relationships among key cases, and changes over time for the point of law at issue.  For ease of use, Bloomberg Law also supports a keyword search of the database so that users can search across all case law or specific jurisdictions to more easily find the point of law most relevant to their query.

“By enabling litigators to quickly identify the statements of law within a court opinion and then see the most cited, most relevant, and most recent cases related to those statements, Points of Law enhances the ability to understand all sides of a legal issue,” said Douglas Smith, Partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP and a member of the Bloomberg Law Litigation Innovation Board.

“Points of Law is another example of our commitment to continuous innovation and ongoing investment in data and technology to empower attorneys to more effectively and efficiently advise their clients,” said Scott Mozarsky, President, Bloomberg Law.  “With Points of Law, we have streamlined and improved the legal research process using machine learning and data visualization to reveal previously undiscoverable patterns and insights.  As a result of our focus on continuously enhancing the tools and content on Bloomberg Law, legal professionals are in an even stronger position to be successful in both the practice of law and the business of law.”

To demonstrate the power of Points of Law in conducting case law research on complex, evolving issues, Bloomberg Law developed a new white paper, examining the antitrust law implications of pharmaceutical industry patent disputes. To download the report, visit