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LiveSafe could save your life


by Daniel Smallwood

The LiveSafe app puts a mobile security system in the hands of everyone. Users can send text, photos, videos and precise location information to report incidents ranging from routine maintenance needs to suspicious activity to safety threats. LiveSafe’s cloud-based command dashboard receives tips in real time and allows security officials to respond via secure live chat.

Norfolk State is the first historically black college or university (HBCU) in the country to partner with the LiveSafe company. With Safewalk, students can simultaneously chat with one another to maintain constant contact. The app users can also receive important broadcast notifications sent by Norfolk State University.
From sharing information on concerning behavior to reporting safety hazards, the LiveSafe platform delivers two-way, real-time interactions that include location-tagged text, calls, photos and videos, scalable mass notifications, relevant safety resources and peer-to-peer safety tools.

The LiveSafe App features the following.

• SafeWalk virtual walk from point to point.
• Instant emergency help with location sharing
• Resources and emergency plans for ultimate preparation
• Targeted mass notifications to update students, faculty and staff during emergency situations
• LiveSafe platform displaying crowdsourced intelligence capabilities

The LiveSafe President & CEO Jenny Abramson said on the company website, “technology is breaking down barriers for students to take more control of their campuses, to more effectively look out for one another, and to create a safer environment that ensures students get the most out of their college experience.”

The LiveSafe mobile app is trusted by over 150+ universities.

“Students are deeply connected to their smartphones, so providing them with a modern solution to share safety information makes perfect sense,” said Patrick Register, a junior at Norfolk State.

Download the LiveSafe application today from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Register and fill out your profile. Select your university and you’re set!