Civil jury hears claim of assault, battery on Muslim cabbie

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — A Muslim cabbie whose passenger unleashed a vicious diatribe on him is presenting evidence to a jury that he also suffered a broken jaw and should receive monetary damages.

Lawyers presented opening statements Wednesday in the civil case being heard in federal court in Alexandria.

The cabbie, Mohamed Salim, says he was punched by his passenger, Edward Dahlberg of Clifton, in 2013 after Dahlberg spewed a stream of epithets at Salim because of his religion. Salim recorded parts of the encounter on his phone.

Dahlberg admits using bad language but denies injuring Salim. Dahlberg’s lawyers say Salim has been lying about the incident, including a false claim by Salim that he served in Iraq with the U.S. military.

The civil case comes after prosecutors declined to charge Dahlberg criminally.


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