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Envita Goes Above and Beyond Antibiotics for Recent Chronic Lyme Disease Patient

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — (Marketwired) — 11/19/15 — Envita Medical Center, a Unipathic medical center in Scottsdale, Arizona, appears to have found the missing link when it comes to effective chronic Lyme disease treatment. A recent patient of the center named Ritch, detailed his experience in a compelling testimonial video, where he revealed all of the factors that contributed to his triumph over chronic Lyme. Ritch believes that Envita saved his life by being more aggressive and more intuitive at how to fight the Lyme disease infection. He credits the center with going above and beyond antibiotics and also building his immune system back up, something which was missing from his other treatment protocols prescribed by many different doctors.

Before treatment at Envita Medical Center, Ritch could barely walk because of his deeply rooted Lyme disease infection; his feet blew up, and the swelling spread to his hands as well. Ritch was losing sleep, and his life was miserable. After being at the Envita center for 6 weeks, however, Ritch admittedly started feeling better, according to his testimonial video that is featured on YouTube. He no longer had night sweats, and he didn’t have any headaches. Instead of living in a huge amount of pain, Ritch saw a huge improvement; his pain had gone from a 10 all the way down to a 1 or 2. Ritch even says that he gave Envita’s name and number to three Lyme patients after treatment, because he didn’t want them to go through what he did, being told by doctors that they have rheumatoid arthritis or that nothing is wrong with them.

The extensive experience and a deeper understanding of complex chronic diseases and Lyme disease that Ritch received at Envita was clearly the turning point for his health. Building the immune system is something that is mainly ignored in conventional medicine but it is something that Envita stresses during treatment. The medical center’s motto is to go above and beyond antibiotics for Lyme disease treatment, and Ritch is the clinic’s latest success story.

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