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Homecoming, what does it mean to you?

Norfolk State's homecoming is Nov. 1-7. A complete schedule of events is available in the homecoming issue of the Echo at

Norfolk State’s homecoming is Nov. 1-7. A complete schedule of events is available in the homecoming issue of the Echo at

by Lamar Neal

What is homecoming to college students? Is it the return of alumni, is it the big football game that week, or could it be the time when students enjoy themselves by attending bonfires, dances, etc.? Well, Norfolk State is one of many HBCUs that take the homecoming challenge very seriously.  NSU prides itself in advertising all the school related events that take place during this remarkable week. Even though Norfolk State gives students the opportunity to attend these different events by canceling classes after a certain time, what does the word homecoming mean to the student body?

The Echo spoke with Spartan football linebacker Deon King.  King is a 3-year starter here at Norfolk State and has been a part of many homecoming events. We asked Mr. King what homecoming means to him.

“It’s the week when alumni and previous teammates get to come back and show support toward the university. Old players come and visit the locker room and talk to the guys about the upcoming game and it gives the team a sense of pride knowing for this one game we have the support of those before us. And the student body will be there, cheering on, along with parents and loved ones. There’s is no game or better feeling like it,” King said.

Norfolk State Is known for its Spartan pride, but during the week of homecoming there is a different vibe. Students meet and greet with alumni that are successful in many different avenues but find time out of their busy schedules to come home to Norfolk State.

Junior Abdul Kamara told the Echo, “I get a lot from meeting successful graduates that now have careers in television broadcasting and music production. I have completed numerous internships and have done so by merely introducing myself and giving my credentials to the alumni that come back looking forward to helping students.”

The word homecoming means the tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school. It is a tradition at many universities, colleges, and high schools in the United States. It usually includes activities for students and alumni, such as sports and cultural events and a parade through the streets of the city or town. That’s the textbook definition, but what does this breathtaking week of fun, knowledge, and roots mean to you?