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Students navigate challenges of campus evacuations

by Kevin Alexander, Jr.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic taking the world by storm, numerous students are left clueless as to where they’ll eat or even lay their heads for the next few months. Due to this unforeseen pandemic crisis, many universities across the country, including Norfolk State University, have decided to conduct the remainder of their spring semester via distance learning, which means many of the dormitories are no longer open. Many students have had to adapt to the quick social changes that continue to change their everyday life, while still maintaining their grades and education.

The demand to pack up and move back home so abruptly is stressing out thousands of students nationwide and they’re hoping this all ends soon. For some students, their homes may not be the best environment to try and do homework or study, that is if they even have a home to go back to.

Unknown to their fellow classmates, many college students are homeless or extremely close to it. According to a CBS news report in January,, a whopping 68,000 college students either have housing insecurities or are homeless. However, they are hesitant to reveal this information in order to avoid embarrassment.

The immediate transition from in-class instruction to distance learning is also upsetting many students since it may affect their expected graduation. As for the graduating seniors of this semester, there is an abundance of uncertainty as to how and when their commencement will take place. On top of that, many students do not have the appropriate resources such as wifi connection, or even a computer for that matter, in order to successfully complete their assignments.

Norfolk State University students who are in need of computer equipment, such as laptops and webcams, are encouraged to contact the phone number(s) below for assistance.

(757) 823-8141 – NSU Division of Student Affairs
(757) 823-2152 – Michelle Marable, Dean of Students

With campuses being closed until it is safe to no longer practice social distancing, let’s all try to finish out the semester strong and be ready to come back more prepared and more excited than ever to be back on campus.