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Warner, Kaine claim breakthrough on student loan program

U.S. Sens. Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine (both D-VA) welcomed legislation that passed the Senate this afternoon, Dec. 16, 2015, to renew the Federal Perkins Loan Program, a critical lifeline for 7,800 low-income college students in Virginia. Though the program had the support of a bipartisan majority of Senators, including Sens. Warner and Kaine, … Continue reading

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Quarterly Student Aid Report: two-thirds of freshmen FAFSA applicants list only one college on their applications

A troubling two-thirds of freshmen students filling out an original Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) designate only a single school to send their financial aid application information, indicating that they were only applying for admission to one school. In new quarterly updates posted on the Education Department’s Federal Student Aid Data Center, 68 … Continue reading

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Pilot student aid expansion for non-traditional education

WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of students could be eligible for federal student aid as part of a new pilot program that will offer certificates and college credit for non-traditional programs like boot-camp style computer science training. The Education Department announced the experimental three-year pilot Wednesday, saying it hopes to reach several thousand people, particularly low-income … Continue reading