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Former Suffolk mayor gives archives to historical society

Former Suffolk mayor gives archives to historical society SUFFOLK, Va. (AP) — The Virginia Historical Society will be using former Suffolk Mayor Andy Damiani’s personal archives to bulk up the society’s 20th century collection. Damiani tells the Virginian-Pilot (http://bit.ly/1HSTaWc) that he’s saved decades of newspaper clippings, live radio records, videos and other items related to … Continue reading

MCJR mourns the passing of Dr. Edgerton
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MCJR mourns the passing of Dr. Edgerton

As the Mass Communications and Journalism Department at Norfolk State University celebrates their 40th anniversary, the department also mourns the loss of the founding chair of the original Mass Communications Department, Dr. Wilbert Edgerton. Lelia Burrell of Spartan Echo TV speaks with some of Dr. Edgerton’s colleagues who share their memories of Dr. Edgerton and … Continue reading

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Report: Racial disparities in arrests persist with legal pot

DENVER (AP) — Not surprisingly, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has reduced pot arrests, but a newly released study says it doesn’t solve one of the central goals of drug-policy reformers: ending racial disparities in enforcement. A report from the pro-legalization Drug Policy Alliance released Wednesday showed that marijuana arrests in Colorado all but … Continue reading

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Science, patients driving rare disease drug research surge

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — The global pharmaceutical industry is pouring billions of dollars into developing treatments for rare diseases, which once drew little interest from major drugmakers but now point the way toward a new era of innovative therapies and big profits. The investments come as researchers harness recent scientific advances, including the mapping of … Continue reading